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Online Poker USA
Online Poker

Poker Online is a table game that is loved by many gamblers in the USA be it they are playing the game online or at land-based casinos. In

our comprehensive guide to online poker, we look at how to play the game and the strategies.

Not forgetting,  the tips on how to win the game and the rules.

That way, we know that we have all there to know about the game of poker online.

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The Aim of Poker Online

The Aim of Poker Online
The Aim of Poker Online

Poker is a game like no other when it comes to online casino games. This is because with poker, in most cases, players will be playing against each other. That is why the game has no fixed house edge like the other games. Therefore, while in other games the aim is to beat the dealer, that is not the case in poker.

The aim of the game of poker is to beat the other players, and as the best guide to poker online and offline, we have the best way that you can do so. So before we get into the details of the game, always keep in mind the main aim of the game. That is to make sure that you beat the other player. Of course, you have to do this fairly.

Hand Values in Online Poker

If there is a casino game that has many hand values, that game would be poker.  Poker has several hand values that can win players real money. While the winning hands in poker can be the same in poker variations, some variations may have different winning combinations.

  1. Royal Flush

    A, K, Q, J, 10 all of the same suit.
  2. Straight Flush

    5 cards in sequence, all of the same suite. Eg 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 all of hearts.  
  3. 4 of a Kind

    4 cards of the same rank or card value and 1 different card. Eg 4 10’s of clubs and 1 6 of spades.
  4. Full House

    3 of a kind with a pair. Eg Three 10’s and a pair of 6’s.
  5. Flush

    Any 5 cards of the same suit but not in order. Eg 9 of clubs, 8 of diamonds, 7 of hearts, 6 of spades, and a 5 of hearts.
  6. Straight

    5 cards in order but not of the same suit. Eg 10 of clubs, 9 diamonds, 8 of spades, 7 of hearts and 6 of diamonds.
  7. 3 of a Kind

    3 cards of the same card value and any 2 cards. Eg Three 8;s and One 10 and one 3.
  8. Pair

    2 cards of the same value and any 3 other cards. Eg, 2 Ace’s and any three other cards.
  9. High Card

    This applies when you don’t any of the hands, and you 5 random cards, the highest card in your hand will count.

How to Play Poker Online Real Money

How to Play Poker Online Real Money
How to Play Poker Online Real Money

In order for one to enjoy a good game of poker online, they need to make sure that they know how to play the game. The first step to being able to know about how to play poker is to know about the poker hands.

That is why I have given them to you above. To find out more about how to play the game of poker, visit the How To Play Poker page.

It is on this page that we will give full details on how to play the game. We will look at the winning combinations in detail as well as how to place the best in the game.

Online Poker Strategy and Tips

Like any other online casino game, there are various strategies that can be used in the game of poker. And on the strategies and tips, we give all these strategies and tips as well. These are award-winning strategies that can help to walk away with great real-money prizes as you enjoy the game.

We all know that just because you play for fun, you also want a bit of real money. Some tips and strategies that can help you are:

  1. Be more aggressive in your betting and in the hands you play. You can play a few hands and do it aggressively, which can lead to wins.
  2. Play in different styles and be unpredictable.
  3. Play when you are sure and ready
  4. You have to know when to fold your aces
  5. Pay attention to what other players are doing

Poker Rules

For anyone to enjoy any casino game, poker included, they need to know the rules of the game. That way, you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Furthermore, you know what to do and what not to do as well. On that note, just take a detour and read the rules of poker before you try to pull a bluff in the game.

Online Poker Game Variations

Poker is a game that has many variations. This is because the game was loved so much that many people wanted more of it. Poker can basically be divided into two different versions, namely, online poker and video poker.

  1. Online Poker Variations

    3 Card Poker, Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold’em, Pai Gow, Let ‘em Ride
  2. 3 Card Poker

    When it comes to online poker real money 3 card poker contains all the fun and excitement of regular poker. This game gives you a great chance of winning as it is easy to play. With this game, you play against the house, not other players. Therefore you need to have strong strategies to be able to beat the house. In this game, a player makes an Ante bet against the dealer.
  3. Caribbean Stud online poker

    This is a very fun online casino game that is played on a table that looks like a blackjack table. Just like 3 card poker Caribbean poker online you just need to beat the dealer, not other players. So unlike the standard player, you don’t need to bluff because all the 5 cards dealt to you are facing down excerpt the dealer card. You also don’t get a chance to improve your hand and to draw. One thing you have to remember when playing these is to play fair and to fold less than AK.  This strategy will help improve your winning odds. So when playing a player just needs to make an ante wager and a progressive side bet for jackpots.
  4. Texas Hold’em

    This online poker table game is one of the newest poker games at online casinos. Many online casinos have adopted this game because of its popularity. In this game, you play against a series of players and all the players are dealt two cards facing down. This is known as hole cards. What makes it more popular is that it is fair. No player has the in-built edge, the game is EV neutral. The goal of the game is to do whatever is necessary to win the pot. There are two ways that can help you achieve this. You have to have the best hand and you also have to force your competitor to fold before a showdown. You can do this by bluffing.
  5. Pai Gow Online Poker

    This is a traditional Asian game you don’t want to miss. This poker online game is the go to when you are looking for a thrilling and different game. It is based on the Chinese domino game and is not so different from its land-based version. For you to enjoy this game you have to understand what it is about. In this online game, you can only play against the dealer, not other players. After clicking on the game online, you placer a wager. After this, you press the deal button to be dealt 7 cards to which the dealer will also get his. You can then arrange your cards in two hands, the back and front hand. At the end of the game, the hands are compared to that of the dealer. If yours are better then you have won if not then you lose your bet. So the goal of the game is to have better hands than that of the bankers for you to walk away with the cash.
  6. Let ‘em Ride

    Let it ride is an online poker variation that was created to offer players a relaxed gaming experience compared to other games. You don’t play against both other players and the dealer. So it doesn’t have to bother you when the dealer discloses a high card. The table has three spots in which you have to place bets on. All the players are then dealt three cards which you can’t review to others. There will also be two community cards players will use to create a 5 card poker hand. So to win a player needs to have a pair of 10’s or better because the higher pair the bigger the payout will be
  7. Video Poker Variations

    Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Tens or Better With a variety of titles when it comes to online poker games, it can be difficult for a player to choose. Especially if you don’t have much experience this can be overwhelming. However, there are certain things you can look at that can help you. In your search for the best poker game, should consider the level of your skills. This is because some games are more complex and some are complicated than others. And also if you are a no experienced player try picking out poker games that have low-stakes.
  8. Jacks or Better

    This is the most common online poker game you can find at an online casino. Even if you are a new player this game is simple and has a good payback on full versions although it is not always available. The common games at jacks or better are 9/5, 8/5 and 8/6. Although the expected returns of these are lower than that of a full pay which is a 9/6, they are still popular because of how easy they are to play compared to other games.
  9. Deuces Wild

    Deuces and Wild come in many variations and versions. It is a recommended game for players who have some experience with simpler games. This game is played by 52 cards in total. Just as the name says all the cards that have a value of two are considered as wild cards. So all your strategy is determined by how many wild cards you have. In the game, you can use the deuces and replace them with any other card just so you can come up with a winning combination. However the jacks or better in this game they are eliminated as a winning hand.
  10. Joker Poker

    This joker poker game can be an advantage to a play who has a good strategy. This is because with this game the cards played with are 53 and the last one is the joker which in this case is the extra card.  This automatically helps you create winning combinations. You need to get a pair of kings or better for the payout. But is it important to note when you are playing that the payouts you get with the help of the joker are lower? Those which you get for natural hands are higher.
  11. Tens or Better

    This popular game is based on jacks or better. The difference, however, is that with this one the players need to get a pair of 10’s or better to collect a winning. This then increases your winning chances as there are four 10’s. The payouts are low unlike those of jacks or better.

Video Poker Odds

Online poker game is the most generous game you can play at an online casino although few people are aware of this. This is one of the few games in which a player has higher opportunities to win than lose. However, the odds of winnings depend on the casino, strategy and the game as some offer better odds than others. Jacks or better game gives a player a 99.54 % return on their money. Also, look out for a full pay game.

To get better odds you also have to understand the rankings of the winning hands in online poker real games. The winning hands in the basic version of this game are ranked just the same as in the regular poker.  The highest paying hand is the royal flush followed by a straight flush, four of a kind and then the full house and more others.

The royal flush is the same combination of a ten, jack, queen, king and the ace. A straight flush is a combination of 5 consecutive cards which are the same. Four of a kind is basically four cards that that has the same value. Full house has three cards that are of the same and also a pair.

How to pick the best Poker Online Casino Site

There are a lot of sites to choose from online when you want to play online poker. Picking the best poker online depends on what you prefer and what you like. However, there are a few points that can help you pick a good site to play at.

  1. Reputation

    Reputation is everything, you need a site that is reputable for your safety. You need to research about the site you want to play at. Find out all you can. You have to monitor how they do their transactions and how popular they are. You also need to find that if they are popular then it’s for what. You don’t have to rush to play because you need to protect your money and your information.

  2. Regulations

    You have to make sure the site you choose is licensed and secure. This will help you in terms of the security of your information and your safety. You have to make sure the site you want to play at is regulated and licensed.

  3. Payouts

    The best site for you is the one that offers you fast payouts. After your win, you don’t need to wait for too long to collect your funds and start enjoying. You need to pick a site that has fast withdrawing processes for your convenience.

  4. Payment methods

    A good online poker site is able to offer players different methods of payment. A player should be able to choose any method they are comfortable with for both depositing and cashing out. The deposit methods should not just be many but also user-friendly.

  5. Best gaming software and variety

    As a player, you need to have a wide range of games to choose from. Different players have different tastes. Therefore it is wiser to choose a site that has variety when it comes to the games they offer.  Not only that you need to choose a site that has reliable and trusted gaming software. You need to have a great gambling experience. Which is why we recommend the sites that are on this site because they are not only safe but also reliable.

  6. Bonuses offered

    A good casino should be able to offer its players rewards. So when you are choosing a casino take note of the bonuses they offer. You need to know the welcome bonus packages and all about other promotions and rewards they have. Remember these bonuses differ from casino to another. Comparing then helps you pick the best one.

Poker Online Betting limits

It refers to the limit amount players may raise and open. There are three types of betting limits at online poker.

  1. No Limit

    The limit betting structure is when a player can bet or raise by any amount up to and also including their full entire load. The raise is usually at the amount of the previous raise. The players can only do this when it’s their turn to act in any betting round.

  2. Pot Limit

    This is when a player can bet or raise any amount that is between the specific minimum bet and the current size of the pot. No player is allowed to raise more than the size of the total pot. These include all the chips that were collected from the previous wagering rounds. It also includes the trail which is the previous action in the present betting round.

  3. Fixed Limit

    In a fixed betting structure, the player can decide if they would want to bet, call, raise or not. But usually, the amount is fixed by rule. You get this fixed amount before the betting round so you can decide.

Mobile Poker Online

Mobile devices are a way players enjoy comfortable and flexible gambling experience. Mobile poker online allows you to enjoy your poker online in the comfort of your home. You can play in your bed, at a queue, in your office anywhere really. As long as you have your devices on you.

There are different devices you can play on. It can be an Android device, windows mobile or IOS devices like iPhone and iPads. Most poker online rooms provide mobile apps that you can use to access their sites and games. For the best apps visit the casino website. Most casinos will automatically direct you to a page where you can download the best apps to use. Some casinos don’t even need you to download apps. You can simply just access the website and start playing.

Live Dealer Poker

Live poker games online has recently become popular and the most preferred form of entertainment worldwide. Live poker online is when players can access various poker games online. They are able to interact directly with the dealers. You are able to do all this in the comfort of your home.

For you to be able to play live poker, you need to understand the rules.

  1. Pick your type of game. It can be a limit or no-limit game.
  2. Bet
  3. Know your position in the game.

Why you Should Play Live Online Poker

The online poker rooms have a low stake and quite a number of freerolls for the newbies. With this, you can enhance your skills as well as your bankroll. Not only that you are able to interact directly with the dealers using the chat option. Furthermore, you are able to communicate and interact with other poker players.

Online Poker FAQs

Is poker online hard to learn?
When you have mastered the rules poker is one of the easiest games you can play at online casinos. We recommend that you make use of the free mode. So you master what you have to do before playing for real money.
Can I win money while playing online poker?
This is the only game that you don’t need the experience to win. With online poker, you can win money. And not only that anyone can win whether skilled or not. This is because it is mostly based on luck such that even a new player can just win. However, being skilled and strategic is also important because it makes you better than your opponents.
Why is poker online so popular?
One of the reasons why poker is popular is because of how easy it is to master and play. It is one of the games that have higher winning chances.
Is poker online all about the cards?
Poker is mainly about the cards but not entirely. It also involves how the player acts, his strategies. So cards help in determining who wins but your skills will help the player find ways to win.