Craps Online Real Money Gambling Guide USA 2021

Craps Online Real Money
Craps Online Real Money

Craps online is a casino table game that is loved by many gamblers both in the USA and around the world. This is because craps online is a very fun and interesting fun gambling game to play. At first glance, the craps online may seem a bit complicated, even while looking at the craps table one may seem a bit confused.

That is why we are here though to make sure that we give all there is to know about the game of craps online. In this craps online guide, we look at how to play the game, strategies and tips as well as how to win in the game.

List of Online Casino Gambling Games

Craps Online Aim

The aim of craps online is one that is very simple and straightforward. In this online gambling game, you are betting on the outcome of the roll of 2 dice. Therefore, the goal of the casino game is to correctly predict what combination of the 2 dice will be rolled.

That being said, the online casino game of craps online is a game that is of pure chance. This is because you can not in any way affect the outcome in any way. Despite this fact, you do have several options on the outcomes that you can wager on.

How to Play Online Craps

Other than online craps, some casino also offers players live craps. These games are played in similar ways, the only difference being that one is online and the other is live.

Online Craps Rules

Knowing how to play the game is one thing but the most important thing knows the rules of the game. By knowing the rules of craps online you can enjoy the game without any issues. Following the rules also means that you have great chances of winning the game as well.

There are quite a number of rules to playing online raps, however, there 2 that are really important.

Craps is the name of the game and is also the name of these numbers, 2, 3, 12. Bearing that mind, if any of those numbers are rolled during the Come Out Roll, the game is over.

Pass line: This bet means that the dice will win. This bet also means that the shooter will roll a7 or 11 on the Come out roll. It also means that a player will roll an 11 during the point Phase.

The Online Craps Table

Before we can down to the how to play part, one needs to know what the craps online table looks like. The craps table online has various sections on it. Each of these differences is the different bets that a player can place a bet on. Therefore, one will find that some sections can only bet on when a specific roll of the dice has been hit.

Craps Online Bets

Craps online has more than 40 bets that players can wager on. Some of the popular bets which playing the game are:

Pass Line Don’t Come Odds Field
Don’t Come Place Win Any 17
Come Buy Any 11
Don’t Come Lay Any Craps
Come Buy Any 11
Pass Line Odds Big 6 Any Deuce
Come Odds Big 8 Boxcar

Craps online has more than 40 bets that players can wager on. Below we noted some of the common bets in the game as well as their house edge.

  1. Pass/ Come- 1.41%
  2. Don’t come odds/ Don’t Pass Odds- 0%
  3. Field- 5.56%
  4. Don’t Come/ Don’t Pass-1.36%
  5. Buy- 4.47%
  6. Lay- 2.44% -4%
  7. Any craps- 11.11%- 14%
  8. Pass / Come Odds-0%
  9. Big 6/ big 8-9.09%
  10. Come odds- 0%

These are the most common bets in the game of craps online. To find out more about these bets, you can visit the How to Play Online Craps page. Here we will look at all these bets in detail. And how you can use them to get your self some amazing real money rewards.

How to Win at Craps Online

In order for you to win at any only casino game, you need to know how to play the game. That is why have the how to play guide. That is the best way that one can win at the game. You need to know the bets to lace and those that you shouldn’t place.

Craps Online Free Play

Another way that you can learn how to play a game is to play it for free. That way you have a place where up can train on how to make the best. Sometime guides may not be that elaborate on how to play a game. That way you need to play the game after reading the guide. That is why it is important to play craps free online before playing craps real money.

Then, when you are done playing the game for free, you can play the game for real money. giving you a chance to see whether or not you are good at the game. Players can always revert to free play if they feel like there is something that they need to understand in the game.

Reasons to Play Craps Online

There are many online casino games, we cannot deny that fact. However, there is only an online craps game. And that in its own is a reason why you should be playing craps online gambling game. Okay so we know that one reason is not enough, how about we add a few more to the list?

  1. You can play carps free online. If the aspect of playing for real money, you can always enjoy the game for free.
  2. Players can enjoy craps online from their mobile devices. That means you get to carry around your favourite craps game.
  3. You can play the best craps online gambling game for real money and win great prizes when you do.

Best Online Craps Gambling Casinos USA

In order for players to get the best out of the game, they need to make sure that they are playing at the best craps casinos in the USA. And due to the fact that there are so many real money online casinos sites on we, finding the best carps casino may be tricky, bearing that in mind, we came up with a few ways to help you to choose the best carps casinos in the USA.

The Payout Percentage

The pay pout percentage is also known as the Return to Player. This is the amount of money that you can win when you place wagers at the casino gambling online site. That being said, player needs to make sure that they look for an online casino that has a high RTP rate.

To illustrate, playing at an online casino that has an RTP of 97% means that for every $100 that you wager, you stand the chance of winning $97, which is good. However, despite the high RTP, this does not mean that every time you wager that amount you are guaranteed to win back that amount.

Clear Outlined Betting Information

Craps online may look like it is complicated, but it is not. There is however two phases of betting in the game. And because of this, there are some nets that are allowed during one phase of gameplay and others during another. That is why it is imperative for players to find a real money online casino site that clearly outlines that bets and the stages where they can be made.

As much as we may feel that the online casinos are obliged to tell the player clearly, some do not. This is turn ruining the overall gameplay for the player.

Safe and Secure Casinos

 Playing using real money means that you want to play online craps at ease knowing that your real money is in safe hands. That being said, players need to make sure that they play at licenced online casinos. To check if the casino is safe and secure, players need to look out the SSL certification and encryption security measures. They also need to look out for the eCOGRA seal of approval as well as regulatory information.

Customer Service and Support

Another thing that you need to look out for is the customer service and support. Players needed to make sure that the craps casino that they are playing at has available customer agents who are ready to help at all hours of the day.

Banking Methods

Above all, players also need to make sure that they check the banking methods that are available at the casino. As you will be playing for real money you need to make sure that they have a method that you can use or are already using. To add o t that, you need to check for the withdrawal speeds.

In most cases, depositing money at craps casino takes a few minutes, however, when it comes to the withdrawal, it is a very different story.

Craps Online Gambling Strategies

In order to play craps to your advantage, we advise that you use betting strategies. These strategies help you to place your bets. However, they have no effect on the house edge.

3 Point Molly

If you are looking to make real money from a game of online craps, then we advise that you try the 3 points Molly strategy. It will give player 3 numbers in a corner and will also work to the player’s advantage.

Firstly, you need to make a Pass Line Bet. Then you need to make a Come Line Bite. You should also make sure that you back up every single Come bet with single or double odds. Furthermore, do not make more than two come bets.

When one of your come bets wins, drop another come bet. Play using this method until you roll a 7.

Right Way Betting Strategy

Another strategy that players can use in the game of online craps is the Right Way betting strategy. We know that the name seems a bit too much, but that’s how the strategy is. Using these gambling strategy players will place their bets on the Pass Bet or the Come Bet. This has the best house edge and gives players the best chances of winning.

Wrong-Way Betting Strategy

Since we have the Right way, then it only makes sense that we have the Wrong Way betting strategy as well. That being said, using the Wrong Way betting system on the game of craps, players will be placing their bets on the Don’t Pass and Don’t Come. The name was derived due the fact that the stagy, when used in a land-based, goes against the shooter and most of the players.

However playing online, you do not have to worry about that. To add on that, the two bets give you very good odds and they only have a 1.36% house edge.

Online Craps  Gambling Tips and Tricks

Many people think that the game of craps is a bit too complicated for them. However, this is not so. As you just need to make sure that you know the rules of the game before you play. Alongside that you need to make sure that you have a few strategies and tricks up your sleeve. That being said, we have included a few of these here, so you are in luck.

  1. Stick to the Line Bets if you are player

    The reason why we said this is because these are the most common bets in the game. To add on to that, placing these bets gives you a good house edge.

  2. Stay away from proposition bets

    Such bets give players a very low chance of winning and to add on to that they have a very high house edge. That being said, just make sure that steer clear from these bets.

  3. Use the craps online betting strategy

    Another way that you get to enjoy the game of online carps is by using a betting strategy. That way you manage your bankroll. To add on to that you have a set way of placing your bets.

  4. Stay away for Big 6 and Big 8

    Do not be fooled by the name big and think that you can win big with these bets. These bets give the casino a 9% house edge. It is safe for you to place the 6 or 8 instead as they have a more player friendly house edge of 1.5%.

Craps Online History

Craps has been around for ages now. With its history dating back to the 167rg century. However, during this period it was known as Hazard and played European aristocrats. Allow us to walk you through the history of chaps and how it eventually got the name craps.

During the 12 century, it is believed that the Romans taught an English noble, Sir William of Tyre, a game like craps called Hazard, this was during the 3rd crusade. The word Hazard Greek and translates o “dice”. This may mean that the Romans might have adapted the game form the Greeks who in turn got it from the Eastern Orient. But this is just a speculation.

The game Hazard was later mentioned in literary novels. This, in turn, brought about the popularity of the game, causing it to flourish. This was in the 17th century. By this time it was making its way to the houses of noblemen and royalty. And in the 1700s French colonists brought the game to Acadia, a French colony in Canada.

After being about the colony, the French then went to Louisiana, where they introduced the game as crebs. However, to the prevalence e of American English, the name craps grew more than the name crebs. That is how the game got its name. And during the 19th century, it had spread like a wildfire.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, craps was the casino game to be playing. In 1907, John H Winn revolutionized the game, turning it into the carps that we play today. He changed the layout of the table and introduced various bets like the Don’t Pass Bets.

Craps Online FAQs

How do I place bets in Craps online?
To place a bet in online craps, all that you have to is to check what bets you can place in the game. Thereafter, you place your bet. Usually, the minimum bet in the game is $1, and then you roll the dice. As the shooter, the first two bets that you have are the pass line and the don’t pass line bet. These need to placed before the come out bet and they pay even money when you win them.
What is the come bet when playing craps?
The come bet is like the pass line bet, furthermore, it has some of the best odds in the game. The difference between the two is that the come bet can only be made after a point has been established. In order for this to happen, you will have to roll 4-6 or 8-10. Thereafter you place your bet and you continue to roll. Players lose if a 2, 3, 0r 12 is rolled. However, if a 7 or 11 is rolled, you win. Should a point number be rolled, the round ends but the come bet remains. The bet pays 1:1 and has an edge 1.41%.
How much can I win in a game of online craps?
This will depend on the amount of money that you have wagered. It also depends on where you have placed your bet. Bets with the highest payouts in the game include place bets, hard ways, and one roll bets. Players should bear in mind that these bets may have high payouts, but they are very hard to win.
Can I place craps online bets without rolling the dice?
Playing at a land-based casino yes, but online you are always the shooter. This helps, as shooting the dice is very fun and your fate is literally in your own hands. Plus, playing online, it is just you and the machine, you do not have to worry about other players accusing of having a bad shooter hand.
What are the best bets to place in online craps?
There are several good bets that you can place in the game, these include the don’t pass bar, place 6 and place 8. They offer a payout of 7:6. Players need to be careful to not confuse the place 6 and the place 8 to the big 6 and the big 8, as they have a totally different payout of 1:1.
What are my odds of winning in online craps?
Be it you are playing craps online and offline, players, the house edge is set at about 0.67%. this has nothing to do with rigging, however, it is just the way that the online casino is able to make money.
Is craps online rigged?
As long as you are playing at a safe and secure online casino we can guarantee you that the game will not be rigged. This is because the wins are generated by a Random Number Generator. To add on to that, craps is a game of pure luck and chance.
How can I get the best out of online craps?
The best way that you can increase your chances of winning ids to make the right betting decisions. Read about the game and know the odds of the game as well. that being said, avoid bets like the big 6, big 8, hard 4 and the hard 10. As these are the worst bets to make in the game.